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Tallyman Eye


This project is developed for maritime ports to increase their efficiency and improving control processes and object recognition to increase automation at industrial sites.

The products uniqueness is the software running the system, it is based on databases and neural networks.

The Problem:

  • The probability of human errors during the control and analysis processes;

  • Low automation of industry

  • Low correspondence to international norms in working with a united database

The Solution:

  • Identify and further use the container number right from from the dockside

  • Video recording of the work flow

  • Container damages automatically stored in the system

  • Remote viewer for remote assistance and control

Figures and facts:

  • Shortened handling on one container by 15 seconds

  • Reading the number and parsing data in under 2 seconds

  • Image recognition accuracy of 96%

  • An 8 hour shift results in 37% more containers loaded/unloaded

  • Focus on the process not the paperwork

  • Optimized energy consumption

  • All weather operation, including Siberian winter and scorching heat

  • A single integrated device instead of several devices on the docker

  • Free hands

  • Real-time

  • Less labor required

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