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Virtual reality

Thanks to virtual reality, you can:

1. Develop a simulation for employee training.

2. Effectively present the product to the target customer.

3. Create a unique experience of diving into the game.

VRLAB.DEV works out all aspects of user-VR interaction, including:


1. User experience

The way the user interacts with the virtual world and what impressions he receives.

2. Visual and audio component

3. Software logic

The main part of working on a digital product is writing the program code of an application or program.

Action plan, interface, animation and effects settings, integral and final assembly, project debugging.

Stages of work in VRLAB.DEV when creating logic:

 • Description of the problem

 • Searches for mathematical and software solutions to handle a task

 • Code writing

 • Testing in the program or game engines UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE 4

Program code is required for:

 • Project optimization

 • Adaptation for different platforms

 • Assembly of the project as a whole


Image by Martin Sanchez
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