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Animated cartoons, commercials, movies, computer games, websites and much more with intensively moving objects, effects, facial expressions and much more thanks to 3D animation technologies

Stages of work in VRLAB.DEV when working on 3D animation:

• Generation of ideas and working out of ideas with the client

• Design and scripting

 • Setting up and preparation for animation (rigging) in MAYA

 • Animation in MAYA

 • Visualization of frames in ARNOLD for the needs of cinema or advertising. Or visualization in the game engines UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE 4

 • Post-processing in AFTER EFFECTS, NUKE or in the game engines UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE 4

3D animation includes:

 • Character animation

 • Animation of machinery and mechanisms

 • Animation of the surrounding environment and various spaces

 • Animation of abstract structures and phenomena for various load screens, videos, etc.

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