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Modelling and visualization

For most modern applications, programs, video content, etc. it is necessary to create unrealistic or hard-to-reach objects. To handle this task, 3D specialists come into play who should realize the digital space - characters, surroundings, equipment, etc.

Stages of work in VRLAB.DEV when working on 3D objects:

 • Generation of idea and working out of idea with the client

 • Design and work on concept patterns

 • Three-dimensional modelling in MAYA, ZBRUSH, 3DsMAX, MARVELOUS DESIGNER


 • Visualization in ARNOLD for the needs of cinema or advertising. Or visualization in the game engines UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE 4

3D Modeling covers the following objects:

 • Characters

 • Equipment

 • Facilities

 • Different worlds

 • Surroundings

 • Animals

 • Landscapes

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